Language: English
Pages: 279
ISBN: 8129117894
Price: INR 195

Suicidal Banker‘ by Puneet Gupta has a Statutory Warning quite aptly printed at the top of the back cover page, that reads,

This Novel could inspire more fraudsters than financiers! A compulsory reading for unscrupulous borrowers who don’t want to repay their bank loans!

When you lay your hand on a book with a disclaimer like this, it’s quite normal that the level of interest of going through it increases manifold. ‘Suicidal Banker‘ lives upto the expectations, and how! The life of Sumit, the protagonist, his guiding father, the impatient wife are the characters that form the base of the novel, and moving forward it gathers newer characters that add spice to the storyline.

Being a banker has its own set of folk-lores, and the life of Sumit shows it all once again. Puneet Gupta, the author, has been quite able to draw a smooth picture of the Suicidal Bomber Banker.

This is a good read for aspiring bankers and also, entrepreneurs who are looking forward to dive into the deep realms of accounts and finance. It will show them the realities of the lives of people who work in these sectors, though very little can be and should be gauged from regular fictions like this. Every person has a darker side, and it’s upto the person how he guards it from the universe, and play his cards in the right manner in the right time.

Suicidal Banker‘ portrays the ‘true lies‘ of the banking world. Recommended as a breezy read? Yes.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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