Language: English
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789381841150
Pages: 256
Price: 100 INR

Rohit Gore’s ‘Circle of Three is at best a novel that tells the same tale differently. The basic theme: random people who come together to realize the real meaning of life. This is why we can predict what would happen at the end of the story. However, the author has done a pretty good job of portraying the characters, mainly their flaws and worries.

The novel spans over a year. Written in the third-person perspective, it traces the journey of three people who meet each other in different circumstances. Aryan Khosla- a twelve-year lonely boy. Ria Marathe- a widow who has decided to commit suicide soon. Rana Rathod- a published author of the yesteryear, fading away both in his writing and life. How the three of them come together, interact, share and face their problems fills up the rest of the book.

It was a bit dull in the beginning but, as the chapters went by, I found myself getting hooked into Aryan’s plan to defeat a fellow student in a race, into the dilemmas that Ria was going through and into the monotonous life that Rana saheb lived. Also, I liked the way the author incorporates the word ‘three’ in the name of each chapter. It doesn’t look out-of-place at all. While the structure of the  sentences is improper in places, the story does not suffer much. This is a story whose premise, though well-known by all, is given a heart warming finish by Rohit Gore.

Rating: 7/10

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