Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9789381836293
Pages: 146
Price: 125 INR

‘Untruly Yours’ has all the right ingredients for a perfect chick-flick: a lonely, depressed housewife called Natasha, two handsome, suave men (none being her husband, obviously) who try to woo her and a perfect setting for adultery.

Natasha, the protagonist is depressed and disconnected from her husband, Rakesh. She is fed up of her mother-in-law, who she fondly calls “Godzilla of Godzillas”. An unexpected twist of events force her to the land of the mystic aka India, where she is hit by a “blast from the past” in the form of her old college buddy, Veer. Veer makes romantic advances towards Nats, who in turn reciprocates. The rest of the book forms the story of how Nats decides what is best for her.

The most likeable part about this book is the real-ness that you feel while reading it. Natasha’s dislike towards her mother-in-law, voiced very eloquently in the book, is a common problem in India. The stigma attached to love marriages, the stereotypical south-meet-north, sibling rivalries and so on – the book has titbits about everything.

The characters seem real, with problems and issues in life-like every other normal human being. One connects with them easily. The book is packed with jokes on Indian culture and tradition that are far from being hurtful. From the famous Indian pickles to the coolies in stations, the book in Indian in every way possible.

But how the author manages to bring in subtle yet clever hints about the problems that the Indian society is facing today is fascinating. Dowry, lack of socio-economic rights for women, failing arranged marriages are a few sub themes that this book has, without making them seem burdening.

Smita Shetty’s debut novel, “Untruly Yours” most definitely hits the chick-lit tag right on, but coupled with the author’s almost effortless story-telling it does make a nice, simple and breezy read. All-in-all, this book is pure guilty pleasure and for the best part, doesn’t take itself too seriously. Recommended for short train and plane journeys!

Rating: 6.5/10

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