Language: English
Pages: 426
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789350290026
Price: 299 INR


First cricket and now politics, Anuja Chauhan writes for what the country unites for and shares its passion for. With love, politics, romance and oodles of humour all packaged together, the book becomes a perfect meal for a film maker.

Sarojini Pande or Jinni is content in her urban life designing kitaanus for Pixel Animation as an animator. Everything is hunky-dory for her until one fine day her grandmother Pushpa Pande, a wily veteran politician steps into her life and drops a bomb. Jinni is pestered to help her amma with campaigning for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections from her hometown Bittora. Soon Jinni is found wearing crisp cotton saris and adopting the hand folded “Namaste” as she goes door to door to garner as much support as she can for her Pragati Party.

To make things further complicated, Jinni finds out that her opponent is none other than her childhood love, Zain Altaf Khan, a suave, dapper and totally drool-worthy ex-royal of Bittora. As Jinny finds herself surrounded by kleptomaniac election organisers and sycophants, she finds herself lusting Zain and their love blooms in the grimy, prickling heat and dusty lands of Bittora. Jinni and Zain engross themselves in the no-holds-barred electoral battle trying to outdo each other. The author tries to keep the readers guessing as to who will be sworn in as the MP from Bittora till the end.

The book is certainly Indian and can qualify as the story of Young India. The book portrays the ugly side of politics in a casual and light manner. The characters are well thought of and they are highly amusing especially Jinni’s grandmother with her broken Pavit Pradesh accented English which leaves you laughing uncontrollably. The liberal use of Hindi and Hinglish is Anuja Chauhan’s unique selling point and she makes effective use of it again.

The book was slightly disappointing for me after having read the author’s first book – The Zoya Factor. The book might have an interesting storyline but it drags on in certain places unnecessarily. The book is highly entertaining though and qualifies as the perfect breezy read.

Rating: 7/10

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