Language: English
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788172344443
Pages: 312
Price: 250 INR

“I was the heart of the commune and he was the soul, the inspiration. We were a team.”

 ‘Don’t Kill Him! The story of my life with Bhagwan Rajneesh’, is a memoir by Ma Anand Sheela who worked under Bhagwan Rajneesh as the second-in-command in His organization. The book stirs a lot of interest and attention as it talks about the confidante of a controversial person, who comes out in the open to disclose many hidden truths about an institution and a person who have been scrutinized for a long time now.

The book has been split into two parts where the former talks about that phase of her life when she resigned her post as the secretary to Bhagwan and left the ashram for Europe with fellow members. Ma Sheela was His puppet who executed His commands silently while He pulled the strings until differences crawled between them which lead to her resignation.  In His wrath, an agitated Bhagwan planted concocted schemes to harass her, some of which included a bio-terror attack and a theft of 55 million dollars. As a result, Ma Sheela spent 39months in prison. The latter half of the book highlights how she got in touch with Bhagwan and helped Him establish His commune in Oregon. It also talks about how she fell in love with Him from the moment she saw Him and how this love kept growing even when He put her through rough times.

Ma Anand Sheela in her book tries to shed light on the mystery that shrouded Rajneeshpuram. She highlights the unconventional working methods that were propagated by Bhagwan and His greed and materialistic pleasure, a side that was unknown to many.  The disappointing part of the book is that it does not endorse a lot of Osho’s teachings as such except for excerpts from his books and his quotes. All in all, the book is a breezy read offering a rare sneak peek into the controversial Osho ashram and a good one time read that you would like to finish in a day.

Rating: 7/10

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