Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780375856112
Pages: 860
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The last novel of the Inheritance cycle – Inheritance- hit the book stands on November 8, 2011, after more than three years of impatient waiting by readers worldwide and they were not disappointed. After all, one has to take that amount of time in order to create a masterpiece and Paolini doesn’t disappoint.

Inheritance picks off from the ending of Brisingr, the third book in the series where Gleadr is slaughtered and his Rider Oromis is murdered by the deceptive traitor of the king Galbatorix. The fourth and final book begins with the Varden’s siege on Belatona, a city of the Empire. Roran meanwhile is given his own tasks- which seem like mini-games played in between the actual game, short and refreshing. Then follows a journey to Vroengard Island, where surprisingly the ‘Vault of souls’ are hidden and that stores a collection of Eldunaris and dragon eggs. They return back to Urubean and battle Murtagh and the black king himself.

The fight sequences in the book are written so intensely well that one can actually imagine the blow-by-blow details of these battles, as Eragon slashed open the guards and Saphira’s biting fire torched the innocents’ homes. But, after a certain point, you begin to feel that the basic story line is dragging, especially in the chapter where Eragon and Saphira travel to Vroengard. The conversation and descriptions that follows in that journey is unenthusiastic and sometimes uninspired.

The readers would experience something similar to an epiphany when they finish several of the very last chapters. All the loose ends are tied up as Eragon leaves for the land beyond Alagesia and Arya becomes the new dragon rider with her green dragon (on the cover of the book) named Fírnen. Christopher Paolini has created a world so capturing and so addictive that one can easily tear up a little at the end. He has certainly come a long way from ‘Eragon’ and with the appropriate and beautiful language that he uses, one cannot help but be spellbound by him. He is surely an author to look out for.

Rating: 7.5/10

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