Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780552160230
Pages:  431
Price: 350 INR

Danielle Steel takes us through a story of transition, romance and suspense in her book Matters of The Heart.

Hope Dunne is one of the top photographers of New York. Living alone in her chic Soho loft, she epitomizes a woman of great courage after having gone through the tragedy of losing her only child and divorcing her sick husband.  Her work is greatly admired and respected. She is content in her solitary life. Hope hardly took up magazine portraits as her assignments unless her subjects were interesting and intellectual. As she gives up her expectations of finding a man or falling in love again, she is flown over to London to photograph one of the most proclaimed writers.

Finn O’Neil, an Irish-American National Book Award winner was persistent on having Hope to photograph him for his book cover. Hope goes to London and is smitten by Finn.  Finn finds himself falling in love with Hope and he tries to woo her with a myriad of thoughtful gestures. Despite the foreboding, Hope finds herself succumbing to his endless charm.  Their relationship blooms within no time. They were a perfect match for each other.

Soon, cracks appear in the happy picture because of the innocent lies Finn had told her in the past, the various gaps in history and bouts of jealousy turning into obsession. Hope is terrified now of the man she loved. All that was told to her was untrue. Hope is intimidated by the reality of Finn’s stories and as confusion prevails over the better part of her mind, she rises to the situation saving her life and her soul.

The book is a surprise treat for Danielle Steel fans as it is a romantic thriller with the right amount of romance and suspense. Though the book is a bit of a bore and gets slow and repetitive, the characters are relatable. I could feel what the protagonist was going through, the feeling of being in love, in shock and in terror of the same person. All in all, the book has a different plot as opposed to the other Danielle Steel books and that is what appealed to me the most.  It is a decent one time read.

 Rating: 8/10

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