Language: English
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788172237486
Pages: 513
Price:  299 INR

Anuja Chauhan’s debut book, ‘The Zoya Factor’ is a rollercoaster ride focussing on cricket with a pinch of Bollywood masala. Zoya, a young girl working for an advertising agency finds her fate being intertwined with that of the Indian Cricket Team.

The whole story is based on a ridiculous superstition that Zoya Solanki is the lucky charm of the Indian cricket team. The belief is so strong, that they think they never lose a single match when they have breakfast with her and the one whom she kisses emerges as the Man of the Match. Zoya is flown over to Australia as a lucky mascot for the Indian cricket team for the ICC World Cup. As Zoya’s magic works wonders on the field, she finds herself attracted to the skipper, Nikhil Khoda who tells her flatly that he does not believe in luck and superstitions. Zoya struggles to balance the highs and lows in her professional and personal life.

What really kept me hooked to the book was Anuja Chauhan’s absolutely hilarious one-liners in Hinglish and the language she has used. Also, you can easily relate to the absolute madness and mayhem that exists during an ongoing World Cup Tournament. All in all, it is a good one time read with the right amount of humor, drama and romance.

Rating: 7/10

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