Format: Paperback
Pages: 388
ISBN: 1100005574861
Price: 350 INR

“What sad days for the Thakurs of Hailey Road! First girl is Banjjar, second girl is a Khanjjar — she has filed a court case against her own father! Third girl ka toh what-to- say and fourth girl has been rejected by a Christian!”

Anuja Chauhan strikes again, this time with a drama packed tale of five alphabetically named, drop dead gorgeous but sinfully notorious sisters. This book could be a 1980’s Indian version of Pride and Prejudice with all the essential elements- family ties, misunderstandings, spicy romance, constant gossiping and oodles of humor.

The story unfolds around the lavish bungalow on the posh Hailey road where Justice Laxminarayan, his wife and his two unmarried daughters, Debjani and Eshwari live while his first three daughters; Anjini, married but childless; Binodini, obsessed with her children’s share in the ancestral property and Chandralekha, who elopes with a foreigner but visits them regularly. The plot oscillates around the Judge’s fourth favorite fiery daughter, Debjani who is a newsreader with Deshdarpan, a National broadcast channel that ruled the households back in the 80’s. The son of Justice Thakur’s friend, Dylan Singh Shekhawat, a dark-eyed, drool worthy Christian-Rajput and an investigative journalist with India Post with an incorrigible personal reputation but amazing professional credentials falls for the protector of the street mongrels, Debjani. D for Dylan was perfect for Debjani considering he has the personality, dark eyes and a well placed butt. Would there be a happily ever after for them?

The story is thick with suspense as the author keeps us guessing till the very end whether the protagonists would come together. A whole new dimension of drama is added considering the obnoxious sisters with their property disputes, the judge’s sister-in law being obsessed about her husband’s affair with the maid and her son, a complete gym freak. The characters are strikingly relatable and the story flows easily weaving in misunderstandings and a scintillating romance. As compared to the other two books, I felt that this book did not have much humor but it is a good one time read.

Rating: 7.5/10

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