Language: English
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 8125904808
Number of Pages: 629
Price: INR 175

FreedomAtMidnight For anyone who wants to a peep into the history of India, with all its conspiracies and politics, ‘Freedom at Midnight’ is the first book I would recommend. Written by the dynamic duo authors of ‘Is Paris Burning?’, Lapierre and Collins give the history of India a new look.

It starts six months before India and Pakistan gained independence from the Raj and six after the same. So, it basically starts from the appointment of Mountbatten as the last Viceroy of India and ends with the Mahatma’s assassination. It characterizes the problems of the Maharajas and their eccentricities extremely well. The problem of the princely states, mainly Kashmir is written in great detail. The main portion of the book is of course, the partition and how India and Pakistan were created from the erstwhile British Empire. And if partitions are mentioned, how can one forget the horrendous riots? The book gives a full, often gruesome account of the Punjab riots, the religious fanaticism and tells us how Gandhi single-handedly ensured peace in Bengal.

Written akin to investigative journalists, the duo has undertaken vast amounts of research. And this is reflected clearly in the book. They represent facts, quite biased at points, I must admit and in the process, strip down each legendary freedom leader that we have seen as gods to mere mortals. The accounts of Gandhi are completely different from anything you would have read in school and you see the Mahatma in new lights, some good, some bad. The book brings out the details behind every little event in India.

It is an easy book to read, literature-esque and you will be propelled through the pages of history. It is scores of anecdotes and hundreds of facts all woven together into a 629-massive book that gives you more knowledge than you would think.

Overall Rating: 9/10

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