Language: English
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9780143029946
Pages: 172
Price: INR 200
I agree, I picked up this book simply because Khushwant Singh claimed to have a solution to India’s unique communal problems. But unfortunately, the book fails to deliver on this count and every other.

It starts off by detailing the various problems in the country. Singh analyses the riots in Gujarat, the killing pf Graham Steins, the anti-Sikh riots, and the targeted killings of various terrorists. He looks at the cause and effect of these situations on Indian society. He then moves on to connect the dots between religion and politics. He talks about various religious fanatical outfits like the RSS, VHP, BJP and so on. And finally, he proposes a solution to this ghastly problem. And his problem is much like that of Emperor Akbar’s, a new religion. It is true that there has been a mass erosion of secularism in India thanks to the growing religious intolerance. Singh, in his attempt to sensitize the youth on this issue may succeed with this book.

The book, though with good intentions seems repetitive. It tells us nothing new and often rambles on, even in its short length. It is quite a while known fact that most riots have been politically planned, where constitution machinery and law and order has fallen down. The solution which sounds wonderful on paper, is quite naïve in practicality.

All in all, ‘The End of India’ has nothing to offer. It is a good effort to remind people about the growing convergence of religion and politics, but nothing more than that. I felt this could have made a better article than a whole book.

Overall Rating: 6/10

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