Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788129124272
Pages: 234
Price: 195 INR

Piyush Jha strikes back with yet another gripping and an intriguing plot with ‘Compass Box Killer‘. Titled perfectly, the entire plot revolves around this one troubled revenge seeking young man driving the protagonist, Inspector Virkar to his wits ends. With a daunting and an extremely intelligent killer, a sexy but an ambitious crime reporter, a mysterious victim and a daring policeman, this book is simply unputdownable.

The plot unfolds with the mysterious death of a senior police officer, Akurle. When the protagonist, Inspector Virkar, arrives at the crime scene he finds a cryptic note buried in a student’s compass box that read:

Akurle is just the first to die.

To find out who is next, find me first. With this note began a series of meticulously concocted murders but with each murder, the killer would leave back a clue about his next target. Inspector Virkar races against time as he tries to prevent the killer from being successful. While doing so, he meets a fearless, ambitious and an attractive TV reporter, Raashi Hunerwal. The investigation takes both of them from Mumbai to Khandala to Belgaum where they are met with shocking revelations that give them insight into the motives behind the mass murders of the compass box killer.

The writer manages to keep the audience engaged while he slowly peels off the layers of suspense and lays it bare before the audience. The book shall leave the audience biting into their nails anticipating the next move of the protagonists. The book has just the right amount of romance, betrayal and malice. The language of the book has been kept raw and a lot of colloquial phrases have been inserted to give that rustic and authentic feeling. I like the way Piyush Jha writes his characters highlighting their positive and negative attitudes. A good read for all the crime – thriller fans.

A crime thriller packed with a lot of adrenaline and slick twists.

Overall Rating: 7/10

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