Format: PaperbackCome-On-Inner-Peace
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Pages: 238
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“If a book can change lives, this one definitely will. A heart warming story, with a very strong message. Must read for everyone.”
– Rohit Gore

Occasionally, you come across a novel that promises ‘to help you a find out a thing or two about yourself’ in the process of reading it. Sachin Garg’s ‘Come on, Inner Peace’ might or might not be that book. That is up to the readers to decide. However, this is a book that one can finish in a good day or two and then come out of the story unsure of the world outside. Because this is a book that keeps you so engrossed that you don’t realize you found your peace of mind along with the protagonist at the end of the story.

Written in the first person perspective, the story begins with the protagonist Samar unable to bear the loss of his loved one. An engineering student in Delhi, he heads during the course of his internship to Rishikesh to stay at an Ashram to gain supposed inner peace, which even he is skeptical of. He does this on the advice of a caring friend.

 “There are two types of people in this world. The first, who comprise the majority, are simple people who lead simple lives. And then there is the second type. These are the people who consider themselves broken. They can see questions which the first type is blind to. They can have thoughts which they would want to disentangle themselves from, but they can’t.”

Swamiji at the Ashram is the one who makes him realize his worth. Teaching life lessons such as trying not to be someone else, accepting one’s own mistakes and helping as many people as possible might seem like something we all know and are aware of. But with his infinite wisdom, he steers clear the path for Samar and his mentor Vandana as they seek out a lady from Samar’s past who he thinks will give him life’s answers. Vandana, a motherly figure, is alongside him on this quest. Along the way, she also struggles to find contentment within herself for her tortured past. The way her story has been mentioned and then handled shows the maturity of the author for creating such complex circumstances when he could have easily used a stereotypical situation.

Samar’s character is shown to be simple but in truth his life is as complicated as the different layers of a cake. He is haunted by his past decisions and cannot let go of the ghost of the days gone by. The strength of the plot lies in the fact that we, as the readers, can easily identify with these problems- having faced them in our day-to-day lives. We might not realize this but the little things in life are the ones that matter the most. Samar is anyone who might cross your path daily. He’s someone who you wouldn’t give a second glance to, let alone a thought. He’s your typical common man.

Rating: 6.5/10

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