Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9780751543889
Pages: 408
Price: 325 INR

Wanderlust‘ is a story of expedition, exploration, love, hardships and an undying passion for travel that spans across America, China, Europe, England and North Africa. Danielle Steel creates a beautiful saga that is spun around historic events and turmoil in the personal lives of the protagonists.
Audrey Driscoll, an orphan lands up as the caretaker of her millionaire grandfather and her spoilt demanding younger sister, Annabelle. With a desperate hunger and passion for travelling, Audrey finds herself encumbered by her duties and responsibilities towards her grandfather and her sister who are extremely dependant on her. Time comes when she leaves the house with her camera and her burning desire to explore the world. Little did she know as she crossed the Atlantic that she would meet her soul mate, Charles Parker Scott, a travel writer and a journalist by profession. Their love blossoms as they spend a relaxed summer at Cap d’Antibes and then board the Orient Express to China. The story unfolds through the conflict between China and Japan, prewar Germany, London during the Blitz to a war zone in North Africa, separating and linking the fates of Charles and Audrey.

Set in the 1930’s the story easily rolls out itself to cover all the historic events. It also portrays the ideal image of a woman from the early 1930’s who were seen to be fulfilling traditional roles instead of pacifying their desire of travelling in their world. I was in awe with the female protagonist, Audrey as she had the conviction to follow a path that was full of conflict, danger and discovery. In my opinion, Audrey is one of the best characters from all of Danielle Steel works. The one thing that I found peculiar about this book was the fact that every time I read it, I found a new piece of information that I did not pay heed to the previous time. In my opinion, ‘Wanderlust‘ is not just a chick flick but a good read for all history and travel enthusiasts.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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