Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788172344726
Pages: 289
Price: INR 295

With lucid language and an appealing story line in ‘Kabuko the Djinn‘, Hamraz Ahsan takes you through a journey of pure fantasy. Strictly for people who believe in magic, Hamraz Ahsan has his unique way of narrating the story.

With one of the most captivating and envisaging plots, ‘Kabuko the djinn‘ gives you a picturesque perspective of fantasy. The author has carefully chosen his words and has managed to grab the reader’s attention at all points of time.

Set in the background of post-independence era, Ajee Shah is born into a high caste family in Punjab. It is the journey of Kabuko, which literally translates into a bird hunter and his journey in the pursuit of occult knowledge through the body of Ajee Shah. An all in all different experience with parallel perspectives of both human and a djinn.

“It never occurred to any of them that it could happen vice versa. A girl could also find the flower and make a man her slave instantly. Humans…”

narrates the parallel perspectives of an intriguing plot which gives a vivid image of the youthful yearnings of young Ajee Shah and the ‘middle-aged’ 200 year old djinn. The plot also touches upon the subjects of alchemy, pythons and other flights of imagination.

As Kabuko loses himself to the worldly traditions of human beings while exploring the innate qualities of a young Ajee shah who finds pleasure and pain with no difference. The author adds more perspective to the book and narrated the sanctimonious secrets of Islamic occult. With the pure innocence of a child to the sexual pleasures of an adolescent, the transitions lead to a remarkable and commendable climax.

The Urdu author’s idea of life in Punjab and Islamic norms are patently visible in his writing. The novel is plain, effortless and simply written for he believes in fantasies are the veil behind which truth is hidden. A must read for all the fantasy lovers and we definitely await your style of writing. This novel is a perfect example of fiction at its rudimentary level and the author has succeeded through his simple narration.

Overall Rating: 7/10

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