Language: English
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780007525058
Pages: 420
Price: INR 299

It’s not everyday that an assistant yells “Fuck you” to Miranda Priestly’s face, THE DEVIL herself. Readers felt a gush of happiness as Andrea Sachs’ days of indentured labour at Runaway magazine finally come to an end in ‘Devil Wears Prada‘. Then again, an anti-heroine like Miranda is such a sinful delight. But in this sequel, in no uncertain terms, Andrea takes the centerstage. Call it a spoiler alert, if you may, Ms. Priestly has a limited role to play in ‘Revenge Wears Prada‘. Important, but limited.

A decade has passed since Andy’s last encounter with her ex-boss, ex-boyfriend(ouch), pretty much everything ex. She has swiftly moved ahead in life with no regrets whatsoever. Yet, the very existence of Miranda Priestly on planet Earth does haunt her, time and again. Andrea Sachs, the successful co-founder of the wedding magazine The Plunge, could not have asked for more. A drop dead gorgeous, millionaire husband, Max Harrison; a foe turned BFF business partner, wait for it, Emily Charlton and her baby girl Clementine Rose Harrison. Life is a lot more than ‘just fine’ at Andy’s end.

As the book paces up, readers are exposed to the shades of grey in Andrea’s life which result into her making some very hard decisions. Agreed, the book is not much of a roller-coaster ride. But it ain’t no kiddie ride either. Moreover, for what it’s worth, Weisberger has done a commendable job in etching out each of Andrea’s emotions, confusions and apprehensions in both her professional and personal life. One would expect that one decade is enough for her Mirandaphobia to attenuate, but it turns out to be worse than before. In fact, she reaches a standpoint when it’s either Miranda or her, and it is for Max, Emily and her husband Miles to choose. Easy choice? You wish.

In sum, there is no dumping off fur coats and designer bags on the assistants’ desk, do or die deadlines to meet or ‘that’s all’ every now and then. Devil Wears Prada gave us aplenty. This sequel is all about how revenge comes, but in the most implicit, bittersweet ways of Miranda Priestly. Some might call the title a ‘misnomer,’ but there is every bit of revenge that readers foresee at the start of the book; just not in the most palpable fashion. That’s what makes Lauren Weisberger’s writing cut above the rest. Thus, I, hereby, declare that the Revenge HAS worn Prada! Must read!

Overall Rating: 7/10

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