Language: English
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978812912476
Pages: 258
Price: 250 INR

Horn Ok Please: Scrotum Scrolls’ by Karthik Iyengar comes as the second part of what the author tags as a frivology following the adventures of the ‘Morons’ –Chief Redbull, Goose Goldsmith, Derek and Hound. This is the story of how ‘My friends and I saved the world from destruction on 21st December 2012′. In this installment, the crew is abducted by an alien race called the Scrotum Heads, vested with the task of finding the ‘Scrotum Scrolls’ and saving Earth before the Henchmen from Planet Afaria have their go.

What follows is a race across the country in their SUV ‘Motor Mouth’ to fight the aliens and find humor. However, humor, it seems can be harder to find than the scrotum scrolls itself.

The book is intended to be a light-hearted service; to leave the heavy literature behind and swim in a weak ocean of loose language and casual prose. What is tedious, however, is the hardened effort to introduce a funny bone by employing nursery methods of excessive swearing, boring puns and irritating, easy references.

At times, it seems as though the author has shown no discretion in choosing the said references, simply piling on and clinging to whatever happened to chance its way into the writing room.

“Look for a stick, lets poke each dead dude like Mark Z . wants us to do on Facebook”

a character says to another making you want to find the nearest exit off the avenue of ailing words.

The obsessive mention of rock/ metal music seems rather juvenile as well.
Each chapter begins with a short poem of somewhat amusing nature and this may bode well for readers who happen to be sifting through the book during a commercial or a quick toilet break.

“It is not super natural; it is not the universal truth,
It is neither there in the holy book , nor in the dead sea scrolls
It’s the algorithm of the universe; it’s the secret script,
These dark secrets are called the scrotum scrolls;”

a poem reads.

In several parts, the tone of the book reminded me of that of Douglas Adams. This book is what you would get if you got Douglas Adams drunk on really bad alcohol, high on several weeks of South Park and then threatened to kill his children if he didn’t summon the genie of annoyed words.

But perhaps such comparison is unfair and unnecessary. The author seems to have had his share of fun writing the volumes and making his journey.

Overall Rating: 4/10

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