Publisher: Fingerprint!
Format: Paperback
Genre: Non-fiction
ISBN: 9788172345396
Price: INR 350
Pages: 300

Today, entrepreneurship is considered the hip, cool thing. An entrepreneur is looked upon with awe and respect, for taking the brave step towards setting up his/her own business. But Ridhima Verma delves in to a different generation, when starting up was considered highly risky and perhaps, foolish. Her book ‘Seven Uncommoners‘ salutes the men who stood against all odds and followed their dreams.

SevenUncommonersThe book details the stories of seven entrepreneurs from different fields: law, hospitality, technology, investment banking and so on. Ridhima has managed to establish personal contact with each of them, either through her own job or through some personal contact. She has then proceeded to record their success stories for the purpose of this book, through a series of personal interviews. Each story follows a similar pattern, it beings with the childhood of the man and then spells out how the person went about establishing themselves. The persons that she has included in this book are: Pawan Jain, Vishal Gondal, Mahesh Singhi, Nishith Desai, Prasad Lad, Jagdish Gupta and Patu Keswani. She has dwelled in detail as to what pushed the person to break out and what qualities made him tick.

Each person’s story is enriching and offers new insights on how to make it work for you. Of course, it seems futile to choose from stories that are all so great in their own right. But the two that resonated with me the most are the stories of Pawan Jain and Nishith Desai. The structure of the book makes it extremely simple to read and follow. The intricacies of each business are simplified and explained in detail for the common man. The narrative is engaging and keeps you hooked. In retrospect, I wish the book had at least one woman entrepreneur to keep a balance. Also, sometimes the language seems a bit too simplistic and conversational. The author can deploy a bit more sophistication in this regard.

What jumps of the book is the perseverance of each individual to reach the heights. Qualities like humility, the urge to succeed and their amiability are repeated over and over again. It just goes to show the importance of the values that are considered most basic. The book is a must for all aspiring entrepreneurs to gauge the level of dedication that is required to start on your own.

Rating: 8/10

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