Publisher: Rupa Publications
Language: English
ISBN: 9788129135889
Pages: 208
Price: INR 500

When you think of entrepreneurship, who better than the Jack Warner of India, Ronni Screwvala to share insights on how to be successful, and more importantly to learn from failures? In his new book, ‘Dream with your Eyes Open’, Ronnie shares experiences from his journey in the media industry, and offers invaluable advice on how to make a company run.

DreamWithYourEyesOpenThe book has one consistent line: to think big. For every journey to begin, we must be willing to dream and imagine things beyond our scope. In Ronnie’s case, it begins with organizing concerts at the age of 16, to imagining making toothbrushes – an industry he has no idea about whatsoever! And the second consistent premise of the book is that we must have the guts to follow them through. Ronnie shows, through various personal examples, how he has taken leaps, knowing full well that there is an equal, if not greater chance for failure. But it is these leaps that make an entrepreneur.

Ronnie talks extensively about his successes – ‘Rang De Basanti’, ‘Shanti’, ‘No One Killed Jessica’, ‘Bindass’ etc. But he also talks extensively about his failures an setbacks – being a newcomer to the industry, failed connections, ‘Dil ke Jharoke Mein’ etc. This makes the book an extremely interesting read. It is also packed with details and various anecdotes about the media industry. It offers a glimpse in to the processes that go in to the elusive media business. And he manages to do it in the simple narrative that keeps the reader engaged.

Ronnie’s latest entrepreneurial venture is Swades Foundation, which plans to disrupt the sports scenario in India. And he sets three words that have defined his journey so far, and shall continue to lay the path in future – Focus. Choices. Empathy. The book finally ends in a Q&A session, where the author answers some of the most frequently asked questions in the most thorough and simple manner possible.

Overall, this is a promising read for any budding entrepreneur or for anyone looking to be an entrepreneur or for anyone who is curious about the media industry. It has much to offer. My biggest take away from the book was the clarity of thought that Ronnie showcases, in each scenario, be in personal or professional. That is a truly astounding quality and perhaps the single most important one for an entrepreneur, as nothing else around you may be in HD.

Rating: 8/10

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