Publisher: Rupa Publications
Language: English
ISBN: 9788129141859
Price: 140 INR
Pages: 128

Where ‘Man-eaters of Kumaon‘ ended, started the journey of ‘The Temple Tiger and more man-eaters of Kumaon’ by Jim Corbett. If ‘Man-eaters of Kumaon‘ made Jim Corbett the most well-known wildlife specialist, naturalist and author in the country, ‘The Temple Tiger and more man-eaters of Kumaon’ cemented his place in the heart of the readers and enthusiasts.

ttThe Temple Tiger and more man-eaters of Kumaon’ was published in 1954 – ten years after the publication and eventual success of his first public novel. The book continues with the same momentum that has been set in the earlier novel and through the five stories in this collection the author gets better with his writing – as if he gets more comfortable in his skin as an author.

Among the five stories – namingly the title piece ‘The Temple Tiger‘, followed by ‘The Muktesar Man-eater‘, ‘The Panar Man-eater‘, ‘The Chuka Man-eater‘ and ‘The Talla Des Man-eater‘ – the author describes with minute details about the various adversities faced by the people inhabiting the villages in remote areas of the Northern hills. He narrates expertly the stories of their lives in the face of human-animal confrontations – where both the species try their best to gain success in nature’s law of survival of the fittest. Author Jim Corbett explains to the reader, from a naturalist and animal lover’s point of view, how a big cat is seldom a man-eater by birth – but it’s under human-created or neglected circumstances or due to other natural confrontations they turn to become the man-eaters that they get to be known for.

The best two pieces from this collection are ‘The Temple Tiger‘ and ‘The Talla Des Man-eater‘. Including these two, all the five stories turn out to be great reads – and if you happen to be enthusiasts of the flora and fauna of our country, this collection makes sure that you are up for a great ride!

Rating: 8/10

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