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Best Mystery & Thriller books of 2018

Best Mystery & Thriller books of 2018

Goodreads Annual Choice Awards is in its 10th year this time. It’s one of the major book awards that is solely decided by the readers through online votes in its portal. Over the years it gained popularity and its reputation pulled in the readers this time as well to decide on the best books of...
Book Review: 'Matters of the Heart' by Danielle Steel

Book Review: ‘Matters of the Heart’ by Danielle Steel

Format: Paperback ISBN: 9780552160230 Pages:  431 Price: 350 INR Danielle Steel takes us through a story of transition, romance and suspense in her book Matters of The Heart.
Book Review: 'The Family Corleone' by Ed Falco

Book Review: ‘The Family Corleone’ by Ed Falco

Format: Paperback Language: English ISBN: 9780434020997 Price: INR 492 Pages: 436 ‘The Godfather‘ by Mario Puzo was released in 1969. Today, it is 2012. And yet 43 years later, we still cannot get enough of the Corleone family. ‘The Family Corleone‘ is quite a prequel of the Godfather, crafted to perfection by one of Puzo’s...
Interview: Piyush Jha, director-turned-author of 'Mumbaistan'

Interview: Piyush Jha, director-turned-author of ‘Mumbaistan’

Mr.Piyush Jha is a director turned novelist. He has directed the 2009 film ‘Sikander’ among others. He made his debut as a writer with ‘Mumbaistan’. An ardent lover of crime fiction, his book is a delight for all the crime fiction lovers out there. We got an opportunity to interview Mr.Jha. Q. How did the...
Book Review: 'Frankenstein' by Mary Shelley

Book Review: ‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelley

Language: English ISBN: 9788124800720 Pages: 232 Price: INR 85 Originally intended to be a short story, ‘Frankenstein‘ is the result of a few German horror tales and a challenge set by Lord Byron on the beautiful mountains of Switzerland. To keep busy the idle mind, Mary Shelley came up with this classic novel which narrates...
Book Review: 'Mumbaistan' by Piyush Jha

Book Review: ‘Mumbaistan’ by Piyush Jha

Format: Paperback Language: English ISBN: 9788129120175 Pages: 242 Price: 195 INR Piyush Jha’s ‘Mumbaistan’ is a book of three short stories firmly enmeshed in the genre of crime fiction. As crime fiction is a largely unexplored genre in Indian writing, Piyush Jha’s debute as a crime fiction novelist with Mumbaistan is commendable.
Book Review: 'The Ordeal' by Mangesh Jadhav

Book Review: ‘The Ordeal’ by Mangesh Jadhav

ISBN: 9789381115428 Format: Paperback Pages: 424 Price: INR 445 Language: English ‘The Ordeal‘ by Mangesh Jadhav is a welcome break from all the chic lit college love stories flooding the contemporary Indian market. ‘The Ordeal’ is a suspense thriller in the backdrop of NASA, France and Russia. Being priced at a whopping 445 INR, it...