Bastab Chakraborty (Owner, Reviewer and Editor-At-Large)

Bastab is a bibliophilic person who truly believes in the old saying ‘a pen is mightier than a sword’. He tries to keep his multifaceted personality under strict control, lest he overdoes something or the other with any of them. He has a Software Engineering day-job and runs this website.
He hates Facebook and tends to make Twitter his second home.

Sonal Sethiya (Does everything else)

Sonal is a psychic from another galaxy who is on Earth to teach us non-duality in Science. She is currently on a project of explaining Earthlings in photographs to her folks back home. Whenever she’s not filming or writing, she works for BTL in exchange of wild berries.
She is on Twitter at all hours because Facebook is too mainstream for her.

Anugya Chitransh (Content Contributor, Assisstant Editor)

Anugya loves trashing most of the movies she watches but has memorized entire scenes (with dialogues) from K3G. A rabid LOTR fan, she’s also looking forward to the next season of Sherlock.
She has decided that she wants to wield a pen and become a journalist and is working towards her Masters in the same. In the meantime, she has decided to travel as much as she can and meet as many people as possible, so that she gets more experience.
Our privately hired Sherlock Holmeses are yet to track her Facebook (or for that matter, other social media platforms as well) usage specifications.